State of the Project, Week 12

This week’s theme: clean-up and organization!


  • Cleaned up my code and re-integrated it into the original Phylet framework – I’d cut out a lot of the toggle-button functionality, etc. when I first started working on the project for simplicity’s sake. It’s still got the multiple-parents bug, so it’s not deployable yet, but at least this will cut down on the work that needs to be done in the future.
  • Wrote a function in that would serve the information for the breadcrumb tree, but now that I’ve finished it, I think that doing the work in GOL.js might be the better option. I’m admittedly still a little fuzzy on how exactly everything talks to each other, but I think the most efficient way of doing this would be to stay with the tree already in memory and just clear out all of the nodes that are not part of the breadcrumb tree, rather than building a new one from scratch. This also would make it easier to keep track of which parent node should be chosen as the breadcrumb.
  • Integrated the backwards tree into the full visualization – there’s still something weird going on here, so I don’t have a screenshot for it yet, but it’s coming along. I think I’m still misunderstanding something about how events work – like shift-click, control-click, etc. – even though it seems really easy. There’s probably just some blasted semi-colon hiding somewhere it is not supposed to be.

To Do:

  • Finish breadcrumb tree & integrate into main visualization
  • Finish integration of backwards tree into visualization
  • Upload clean code to repo
  • Continue investigation into solving multiple parents problem
  • [Optional] – add a pane of information about species using the Wikipedia API – think the results that come up to the side in a Google search if you search something with a Wikipedia article. This is certainly not as essential as the other work, but I’ve done something similar, so if it is as similar as I’m imagining it should be a pretty quick job, and a nice feature that could be added later. We will see!



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