State of the Project, Week 6


  • Function map draft of
  • Proofread, gol.js, and index.html
  • Created stripped-down versions of, gol.js, and index.html, to prepare for switching out for different visualizations. Most importantly, removed caching, which makes it easier to make and check changes without having to erase the cache each time.
  • Made the d3 example data, flare.json, into a Neo4j database. By using the same data (albeit as Neo4j, rather than json), this will help with troubleshooting new visualizations.
  • Made stripped-down Phylet version work with local copy of flare.json – hasn’t worked yet with the Neo4j database. I successfully got Neo4j to feed the json I wanted it to, but it’s not visualizing. Put this to the side after some unsuccessful troubleshooting – will pick up again shortly.
  • Did research on phylogenic visualizations and published my summary on this blog.
  • Swapped out the plant database we had been using for a bird database provided to me by Stephen Smith. Began making the database compatible with the Phylet code (by adding child_count, parent_count, etc.)
  • Wrote a Python script to fetch the common names of the species in the database from Wikipedia. After debugging and making some corrections, I stored these as a new property in each node. Also stored whether it was a species/family/order classification, though this particularly was sloppily done for now.

To Do:

  • Restart work on trying to make flare.json work as a database visualization
  • Add functionality to toggle between common name and scientific name labels
  • Create mock-ups of potential design ideas, for feedback.

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